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Most people consider moving out a challenge; is it a challenge? Yes, moving out of your house or home can be so tricky. The process of moving out involves packing and unpacking items within a short period. It could, therefore, be so tiresome and frustrating.

However, a more severe problem is choosing the best home removalist.

Some house movers do not have qualified staff, while others lack sufficient and appropriate tools and equipment required in moving homes. These challenges most likely lead to loss of home items or severe damages, thus leaving clients frustrated.

Do you need professional house movers? Then you are in luck!

Moves & More have got you covered. Moves & More is the real deal. We have qualified personnel who would handle all your items with much care and caution. Our services are stress-free, not to mention the easily favourable and affordable costs. You have entirely nothing to worry about.

We have a culture of offering good services to all our clients. With over ten years in business, Moves & More has developed a culture of easy accessibility. Here at Moves & More, we guarantee you reliable home moving services at affordable prices in an entirely safe and worry-free environment. We offer both reliable residential and commercial furniture removal services.

Moves & More operates throughout the year, open as early as Seven O'clock in the morning till Six O'clock in the evening to accommodate all clients. We offer both small and large home moving services. Our quality services have ensured that we keep steps ahead of our competitors; Moves & More is Sydney's best professional moving home service provider.


Why do we stand out as removalists in Sydney? What makes us several steps ahead of our competitors? Well, while they move, here at Moves & More, we do more. Below are the reasons why you should never look far beyond Moves & More when considering house movers.

• Sydney's most genuine furniture removalist

Moves & More, offers reliable and honest furniture removals in Sydney. Unlike other home movers, we have qualified employees who would help move your furniture to the required place in good time. Our labor personnel has vast experience and skills in handling any furniture with much care. You are, therefore, guaranteed of no damages or losses when you are moving houses in Sydney.

• Free Mattress Wrapping

Who does that? Us, yes, we do that. Mattresses are delicate, prone to tearing and further damages when carelessly handled. Moves & More offers all our clients free mattress wrappings keeping your bed in a good and safe condition during the moving.

• Rewarding Loyal Customers

At Moves & More loyal customers do not go unnoticed. We value customer feedback which enables us to evaluate our skills and work and provide even better services. All our loyal customers receive rewards ranging from discounted prices and extra free services to show how much we care and value them. Therefore, should you choose us and become loyal, you shall be guaranteed our rewards.

• Free Public Liability

All our clients are not liable to the public in case of any interferences during removals or transit. Moves & More stands to be responsible to the public in the event of anything during the removals.

• Free Transit Insurance

To ensure the safety of your belongings during home removals in Sydney, we have made it our responsibility to insure the transit. In case of any accidents, all the damages will be covered, and you will pay absolutely nothing!

• Free Boxes

Moves & More offer free packing boxes to all the customers that choose our premium white glove moving service. Our qualified employees will help you in packing after you receive the free boxes from us. This would allow you to save on expenses. Additionally, our trucks have ramps and tail lifts, enabling easy packing and unpacking of the boxes.

• Free Onsite Quote

All our customers are entitled to make free onsite quotes without any negative influences or misrepresentation. We ensure that this is done by facilitating effective communication with our customers.

• Discounted Cleaning

Our services do not end at just moving items. We offer cleaning services at discounted prices to all our customers immediately after removing the home items and furniture. This enables them to cut costs that would instead be spent on hiring other cleaning services.

Therefore, Moves & More is the best choice to consider. Don't hesitate to look us up for more information regarding our services or simply request a quote.

Contact us today for more information and get a quote. It's that simple!

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