Our Frequently Asked Moving & Storage Questions

When do I have to pay the removalists for the work that is done?

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t ever have to pay the whole fee upfront to a moving company. Instead, most removalists in Sydney NSW will ask for a small deposit at the beginning. This way, you’ve secured their services for the day in question. Once the job is completed, you will then pay the rest of the invoice. If you feel as though the service has been above and beyond your expectations, you’re also welcome to tip drivers and other employees.

Do I need separate moving insurance?

Ultimately, the answer to this question is complex because every situation is different. In some cases, your home insurance policy will actually cover you so long as you’re moving to another address in Australia. Also, it’s important to remember that Moves and More Removalists have insurance to protect your belongings in case the worst happens. If our moving truck is struck by another, for example, this insurance policy will protect you and your items. You may not need additional insurance, so be sure to speak to your moving company first.

How can I move interstate without spending lots of money?

Although you might not be surprised by the answer, the best route is to partner with a reliable moving company. Why? Because you will have the right vehicle and professional removalists to ensure that the move is simple rather than making basic mistakes or even having to do several trips. After you first reach out to Moves and More Removalists Sydney, we’ll talk through your move and create a plan to ensure that the big day goes as smoothly as possible.

If we were to answer this question in one word, it would be…planning.

Why should I choose Moves and More as Sydney removalists?

If you read the answer to the previous question, you should already have an idea - we provide lots of services that will help to relieve some of your pressure, stress, and tension. With experience, resources, knowledge, and determination, we help to make your move as smooth and safe as possible. Valuable items are moved safely, and you can enjoy the move to the next chapter of your life without feeling overwhelmed with stress. We’ve been through the process many times before and know how to add value to your life without getting in the way; we’re also fully licensed and insured removalists, which protects you just in case an accident occurs.

Can I get a full-service moving service?

Absolutely - Moves and More is a moving company that offers everything (even things that you won’t have considered yet!). While some people just want us to safely transport boxes, others want help with packing, unpacking, storage, and more. Our service offers everything including mattress wrapping, insurance, boxes, bubble wrap, cleaning, and more for both businesses and homes. If your new property isn’t ready just yet, utilise our storage options and keep your items safe. Just tell our removalists what you need, and we’ll build a moving package for you.

Which areas are served by Moves and More Removalists?

In truth, we have experience making all sorts of journeys. While some move locally from one location to another in Sydney, others move from Sydney to Melbourne or even from Brisbane to Sydney. We’ve helped people to move right across New South Wales and beyond, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more about our service. If you’re moving within, to, or from Sydney, get in touch with our friendly team to learn more today.

What should I look for when choosing removalists?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

•Experience - You don’t want somebody performing their first move when it’s your belongings on the line.

•Resources - The best removalists have the best equipment, moving trucks, packing materials, and more.

•Services - Make sure they offer the right removalist services based on what you need.

•Customer Service - Choose a removalist company that makes you feel welcome and happy rather than one that picks up the phone with a grunt and a mumble.

How can I find trusted removalists in Sydney NSW?

Fortunately, you’ve stumbled across the most reliable and trusted removalists in Sydney. We have hard-working professionals who are passionate about seeing your move go well (from start to finish!). However, we appreciate that all services are different so be sure to compare our quotes and services with other brands. Hopefully, you’ll determine that we offer the best value for money.

How much do removalists in Sydney cost?

It’s impossible to give a single price because it all depends on what type of vehicle you’ll need, the distance of the move, and various other factors. For example, a 3.5-tonne truck moving a studio apartment will be cheaper than a 16-tonne truck moving a five-bedroom house. What we will say is that most people are pleasantly surprised by the affordable nature of moving companies considering the stress and pressure that they take away. Why not contact us for a quote today?
Feel free to browse our website because we’ve broken down different packages, how the day will work, and more.

What Do Removalists Do?

You might think that removalists just help to move boxes from one location to another, but it’s actually much more than this. For example, our removalists help to move fragile items, pack, unpack, home moving, business moving, and even storage. Our removalists are experienced, knowledgeful, and resourceful, ensuring that your move will go smoothly from start to finish. With packing at the start and unpacking at the end, you won’t feel so much stress and can enjoy this exciting part of your life.