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Moving is usually associated with a lot of stress. You may have a lot to work out, such as sorting out your belongings and making arrangements with a Sydney Removalist. Planning your budget can become more manageable if you know the average cost of local moving services in Sydney.

This article will provide a moving guide that you can use to estimate the cost of your Sydney move. It discusses the factors affecting the moving costs of Sydney removalists, the average moving costs of local removalists in Sydney, and additional moving costs. You can also learn about the average duration of removalists in Sydney moves and how to choose good local removalists. Read on for more!

Factors affecting moving costs in Sydney

As you may learn from the experiences of those who moved from Sydney, various factors can affect the cost of a Sydney move. Read on for factors that you should consider when moving to Sydney or moving from Sydney.

Size of bedroom houses and furniture

It naturally takes longer to pack, transport, and unpack from larger houses than small apartments. Likewise, it is easier to move homes with less furniture. As such, your Sydney Removalist will want to know the size of your property or bedroom apartment and whether you have a lot of furniture and heavy items to move. They can then allocate an appropriate number of movers and resources for your move, such as trucks and boxes.

Travelling distance

Removalist costs for local moves are usually lower than those for interstate moves. Distance is critical when considering the costs of moving to a new place.

Additional service packages

Your moving company will likely charge more for extra services like packing, unpacking, and furniture removal. For instance, some moving companies double as Australian furniture removers and charge extra to move furniture.

You may also need specialised pool table removalists, moving professionals, or white glove services for pianos or antiques. These services usually require higher moving charges.

Issues with access

Quotes for local Sydney removals tend to be higher if you have issues with access to your property. These issues include limited access, lack of nearby packing, or a tricky entrance.

Costs for average moves

Sydney removalist costs for average moves usually depend on individual hourly rates, assigned resources, and moving distance. For example, your local removalist may charge around $200 an hour with a moving truck and two men. In addition, they may charge a travel fee of $100 for a move within a specified travelling distance from Sydney CBD.

Likewise, the average cost for a 2-4 hour move from a one-bedroom apartment using two movers and one moving truck may range from $500 to $800. Again, a call-out or travel charge may apply for moves within specified distances in the metro area.

You can generally expect to pay higher moving costs for two or 3-bedroom apartments that require longer hours and more moving resources. Overall, removalists in Sydney may charge as low as $75 per hour or as high as $300 per hour. This can cover using one mover and one van or a large truck and up to 6 movers.

Average moving costs of local removalists

The area of residence can influence the average moving costs for local moves. However, local movers in Sydney typically present a flat hourly rate.

Average moving costs for local moves

Average costs for local moves may begin from around $150 ex GST per hour if you use two professional movers. A studio apartment move lasting 3-4 hours and involving two professional movers may cost around $400 to $600 ex GST. If you're moving a two-bedroom apartment using two removalists for 4-6 hours, you can expect to pay around $400 to $750 ex GST.

Moving three-bedroom houses often involves larger trucks, which may result in a higher hourly rate. The moving cost can range from $150 to $200 ex GST for three professional movers.

Average moving cost of interstate movers

Generally, interstate removalists in Sydney may charge between $150 and $6,000 for an interstate move. However, they can offer a lower price if you use a rail service. Your household items can join a mass transit system for a lower overall cost.

The following factors are used to calculate the cost of interstate moves:

  • The total size or volume (cubic metre/m3) of your items
  • The amount of occupied space in the moving truck or container
  • The route of travel

For example, you may expect to pay around $100 per cubic metre to move from Sydney to Melbourne. Do note that your interstate removal company may decide to charge you based on the number of items you are moving. You may use the interstate removal costs calculator they provide to get a rough idea of the costs.

Average moving costs for long-distance moves

Your moving company has to consider further expenses such as extra fuel for long-distance moves. Again, factors such as the number of bedrooms play a role in determining the actual moving cost. The average cost for long-distance moves ranges from $900 to $17,000.

Additional moving costs: What to expect

Here are some average costs for extra services that you may expect from Sydney removalists.

Packing and unpacking charges

Removalists Sydney charges around $50 per packer per hour on average. You may also pay the packing material and call-out fees.

Storage costs in Sydney

People who have moved from Sydney can attest to the variety of storage options in Sydney. You may use containers, cages, garages, and mobile storage units like pods.

While storage costs may vary, a standard storage unit in Sydney costs roughly $500 per month on average. Factors that may affect the average cost of storage units in Sydney include the item to be stored, insurance requirements, and the size of the units.

Moving costs of buying and selling homes

Moving to Sydney guide will be incomplete if you do not know the moving costs associated with buying and selling properties. Fees that you may expect include the following:

  • Legal or conveyancing fees
  • Land registry costs
  • Estate agent fees,
  • Deposit, mortgage costs
  • Broker fees
  • Stamp duty
  • Valuations and surveys

Average duration of moves

The duration of an average move in Sydney depends on the number of bedrooms, apartments, and other factors. For instance, moving times are usually quicker if you are fully packed and ready to go. Generally, moving into a 2-bedroom home may take 4-6 hours, while moving into a 3-bedroom house may take 5-8 hours.

How to choose an excellent local company

You can use the following moving tips on choosing the right local removalist.

  • You should always ensure you use professional movers with enough experience for your move. This will limit the chances of your items suffering damage during transit.
  • Be sure to get at least three quotes on removal costs for your house move. You can then compare the prices to move to get the best deal.
  • Use the moving cost calculators on removalist websites to understand removalist costs for your type of move.
  • You may want to hire local Sydney removalists with Public Liability insurance (PLI) and Goods in Transit insurance (GIT).
  • Experienced local city removalists will be more efficient and will take less time to execute your move.
  • Your Sydney removalist should have transparent pricing. Reputable removalists in Sydney do not usually have hidden charges.
  • Reputable Sydney removalists are generally certified by relevant organisations like the Australian Furniture Removers Association.
  • Review the guarantee of delivery and loss and damage policy to know what to expect regarding potential hassles and delays.
  • Your removal company should be experienced with the needed removal services in Sydney, including house and office removals.
  • For example, they should be familiar with the tricks of moving throughout NSW, such as in Southern Highlands and Inner South Western Sydney.

Tips for smooth removals

  • Having a comprehensive guide and a checklist is helpful to make your move seamless. Good local removalists can provide such Sydney guides.
  • One way to save on removalist prices is to get your packing material and moving boxes. You may get some from friends and families who moved from Sydney.
  • Another way to save on moving costs is to use backloading removal services. This allows you to add your belongings to other clients' belongings and benefit from lower rates.
  • Factor in removal insurance in your removalist Sydney search, especially if you wish to move fragile items.
  • Also, factor in a longer moving time for moving homes with slow lifts, long walks, and many stairs.

Getting help for your move

Sydney's moving companies are an excellent help for complicated office removals, interstate removals, or house moves. After all, Sydney removals, such as four- or 5-bedroom house removals, need a lot of planning and coordination to succeed. This article has considered different aspects of the costs of moving house in Sydney.

You likely do not have the time and energy to pay full attention to every aspect of your move. This is where professional local removalists can help you out. They have the right furniture removalist team and experienced movers to provide packing, removal, and storage services to make office moves and commercial relocations easy.

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