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Are you planning to move a store or just relocate your commercial operations? You know that the entire process could cause you a lot of stress. But why should you suffer unnecessary stress?

Moves & More has qualified corporate relocation experts who are experienced and fully trained. Our team members can create a perfectly tailored business moving procedure that enables you to run your business with limited distractions.

Moves & More understands all your needs. We clearly recognise and know what you need before, during, and after moving your business. Therefore, our sole objective is to help you through your corporate relocation completely stress-free. Assured of your guidance, we guarantee you our expertise in safely moving your business to the next desired site.

As business movers in Sydney with over ten years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing budget-favourable business moving services in good time with limited disruptions.


Moves & More understands that the success of business moving is almost entirely dependent on the business movers. We offer moving services that are far beyond our competitors' capability. Below are more reasons why you should consider a Sydney CBD removalist like Moves & More to relocate your business.

• Free Onsite Quoting

If you are considering moving your business both on time and on budget, we are one of the best choices for you. Moves & More business moving services are entirely cost-effective and affordable for any customer. Additionally, we offer free onsite quoting after considering all the relevant factors.

Since we value transparency, our customers are provided with quotes consistent with their needs and are included in price negotiations during the quoting; thus, one cannot suffer price injustices.

Similarly, our team members have long-term experience with the moving process and will help you get everything sorted within ample time.

Some of the factors that we put into consideration while calculating the prices include;

• The distance between your current site and the new area of relocation.

• How easy is it to access the move-out and move-in logistics?

• Are there any extra relocation services that you need?

Professional, Insured and Expert Staff

We have highly trained and experienced staff members that would expertly handle all your valuable assets. All our labor personnel are insured and have undergone legal clearance, which authorises them to carry out our business removalist services in Sydney .

Having been in the moving business for longer than ten years, our qualified team members show high levels of professionalism, reliability, and flexibility while offering their services. Therefore, with our team at your service, you are guaranteed satisfactory quality workmanship with minimal distractions.

• Tailored Moving Services

Business operations range from small, medium to large. Investors or entrepreneurs also adopt different structural layouts in their businesses. However, the size or structural disparity is not a problem for us. Moves & More recognises and understands this kind of disparity. Therefore, we have appropriate established strategies to help you move your business, notwithstanding its unique nature.

• Free Public Liability Moving Insurance

All our clients are not liable to the public in case of any interference during the business moving process. Whenever we transport your assets from your old place to the new site, we take on every liability to the public. Should any damages or interferences occur to any member of the public, you will not stand to pay anything. We cover everything.

• Free Transit Moving Insurance

To ensure the safety and security of your belongings during home removals in Sydney, we have made it our responsibility to insure all your assets during transit. Should our clients cause any negligent damages to your assets during the transit, Moves & More will compensate you through the transit insurance.

• Free Moving Boxes

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Moves & More offer free packing boxes to all the customers that choose us. Our qualified employees will help you in packing after you receive the free boxes from us. This would allow you to save on expenses. Additionally, our trucks have ramps and tail lifts, enabling easy packing and unpacking of the boxes containing your assets.

Moves & More has earned a good reputation by the public and loyal customers for its quality moving and storing services. For more information or to get a hassle-free quote, feel free to contact us.

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