Sydney Business End Of Lease Cleaning

What Is An End Of Lease Clean?

End-of-lease cleaning is also known as bond back cleaning. It refers to a cleaning service that enables tenants to get their bond back when moving out of the leased property. Bond back cleaning applies to both residential move-out cleaning and moving business cleaning.

Most property agents have detailed cleaning checklists that must be adhered to by the tenants, or else they would be denied their bond back. Therefore, to ensure that you get your bond back, you must choose a professional lease cleaning company. It would also be best to consider a company that offers the best end-of-lease cleaning costs.

Moves & More Are More Than Movers

Are you looking for efficient end-of-lease cleaning in Sydney? Moves & More is well known for its effective cleaning services. We offer the best end-of-lease cleaning prices within Sydney's CBD and the suburbs. We aim to leave your place sparkling clean to enable you to receive your bond back and move out without qualms with your landlord. In fact, with us at your service, your landlord will regret you moving out.

Since 2007, Moves & More employs competent, well-trained, and cleared end-of-lease cleaners who possess experience in various cleaning strategies. Our staff members use certified cleaning equipment and solutions. Similarly, they follow a tailored cleaning system and will only leave your place after ensuring that every spot in the Business premise is immaculate.

Landlords and property Agents have approved all our end-of-lease cleaning services.

Our Business end of Cleaning Checklist

• Dusting and Vacuuming

Our staff will ensure that your business premise is decluttered; they will remove all the waste and ensure that the entire place is empty before they start cleaning. After removing everything from the firm, you will notice dust, debris, and other particles left behind. Our team will dust and vacuum all the surfaces for effective cleaning of your business. We have a high-performance vacuum cleaner and microfiber cleaning equipment, which are very efficient in office end-of-lease cleaning.

• Bathroom

Most people within the business premises regularly use bathrooms. Therefore, property agents are rigorous on the cleanliness of bathrooms as part of the end of cleaning for tenants to receive their bond back. Moves & More understands this requirement, and we are ready to ensure that your bathroom is sparkling clean after you move out. Our staff members will mop your bathroom floor, disinfect and sanitise your toilets and surfaces. Similarly, they will clean all the cabinets, sinks and wipe the taps and other fittings.

• Carpet Cleaning

It is essential to clean carpets as part of the end-of-lease cleaning, and agents are hesitant to release bonds back if tenants fail to clean them. Therefore, we offer carpet cleaning; our efficient steam carpet cleaning facilitates removing soiled stains on carpets.

Other services include;

  • Cleaning and disinfecting doorknobs, switches, and other surfaces
  • Cleaning blinds, walls, storage units, slabs, desks, and the top of counters
  • Dusting and vacuuming the ceiling, windows, fans, frames, lights, and passageways

Are We The Best Movers In Sydney?

At Moves and More, we have unique features that make us stand out among our competitors. Below are a few points why our loyal customers love our end-of-lease cleaning services.

• Experienced, Insured, and Experienced cleaners

Moves & More has professional cleaners who are well versed with various cleaning techniques. They will come to your place armed with the necessary equipment and solutions, ready to clean your house or office. Rest assured that they will meet all the expectations of your agent.

• Transparent End of Lease Cleaning Prices

Our entire list of move-out cleaning costs is transparent. Our cleaning rates are standard since we use a checklist that enables our customers to tailor our services. Moves & More provide its customers with free onsite quotes. Similarly, we will provide you with a fixed, accurate, and budget-effective end-of-lease cleaning price list. Moreover, we also offer move-out cleaning office prices for your business that is cost-effective and budget-friendly.  

• ISO Certified & Eco-Friendly Detergents

Your safety, the public's safety, and the safety of your firm is our main concern and priority. We, therefore, use certified solutions that meet the health regulations requirements. These solutions are also non-toxic thus, safe for you and any other business premises around. Additionally, our professional cleaners will ensure that the suitable detergent is used on the right surfaces to prevent damages that may make the agent hold onto your bond back.

• Re-clean Guarantee

Our main goal is that you get your bond back without any worries. Therefore, we ensure thorough cleaning of the whole firm as per your agent's guidelines. However, should our employees leave any area unclean, which is unlikely, we guarantee you a re-clean at no extra cost. Therefore, you should always feel free to contact us in case of any complaints.

Excellence In Business Moving Cleaning

Moves & More is one of the best end-of-lease cleaning companies in Sydney. We provide quality, satisfactory cleaning services that will guarantee you your bond back without delay. However, the list mentioned above is not exhaustive of all our cleaning services; feel free to check our checklist for extra services.

We are committed to employing qualified and well-trained cleaning personnel who are experienced in house and office cleaning. Similarly, our checklist has been approved by several landlords and property agents, so you have nothing to worry about. We use a step-by-step cleaning strategy that ensures that all areas and surfaces are clean by the time we leave your place.

Similarly, all our customers are open to re-cleaning services entirely free should they have any complaints concerning our services. Most importantly, we offer the best end-of-lease cleaning costs, evident on our transparent end-of-lease cleaning price list. Don't wait to contact us today for more information and get yourself a free quote.

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