Sydney Home Packing

Are you considering moving out of your home due to an expanding family? Or do you want to relocate because of your new job? You may have considered how you will move your many household items to your new home. Moving out of your former home can be a nerve-wracking experience.

There are several activities to plan and organise at the same time. It can be a demanding exercise if you do it yourself. For a person with a full-time job, moving out can be a time-consuming task. Considering that you have a 9-5 job, you are exhausted when you come back home in the evening.

Also, you risk sustaining severe injuries if you decide to carry your stuff alone. These are some of the reasons you need to hire the services of a removalist packing service. That is why you should call Moves and More. At Moves and More, we do more than just packing and moving.

We are committed to giving a smooth and cost-effective moving experience so that you can adjust to your new home faster and be comfortable in no time. We have dedicated house packers; we observe the highest standards of professionalism. Let's look at some of the services we offer.

Think Of Us For Sydney Home Cleaning

Most landlords have a policy that a moving tenant must leave their home sparkling clean for the incoming tenant. Unfortunately, you have a tight office schedule that you cannot afford the time to clean your home. Also, you may move into your new home and find that it is dirty, thanks to some renovations you suggested.

Cleaning a new house can be a tedious task. It's recommended you leave it to the professionals. It's even better to call Moves and More. We are more than just professional packers at Moves and More, as we also clean your new home. Ranging from regular house cleaning to carpet steam cleaning, we offer superb cleaning services that leave your new home looking pristine.

We also do office cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, window cleaning, and pressure cleaning; so, you rest assured of a sparkling clean house by the time we are through. In addition, we provide all the equipment and chemicals to make your home look spotless, hence saving you precious money that you could have used to purchase them if you had done the cleaning yourself.

Additionally, Moves and more bring eco-friendly and biodegradable solutions, making daily life safer for you, your family, and your pets.

Packing? Call Professional Packers

Packing your household goods can be boring. It can also be tedious, especially when you have many items in your home. Packing requires high organisational ability, a quality that many do not possess. Sometimes, you genuinely don't have the time to pack your stuff. As such, it may be time to enlist professional house packers; so why not call Moves and More?

At Moves and More, we ensure that we neatly organise all your household items so that they don't bother you during transportation and unpacking. Do you have expensive and fragile antiques? No problem! At Moves and More, the safety of your fragile items is our priority and responsibility. We can provide special packing materials* for your fragile items; that way, they will reach your new home unscratched and in one piece.  

Moves and More can provide you with  packing materials* to help make your move easy. Moves and More not only make it easy for you to purchase packing materials, your items are also secure with us. We have our employees' backgrounds checked to deter any potential criminals from our company.

Need help with unpacking? No problem, we got you covered. We can also unpack your stuff so that you can settle into your new home. At Moves and More, we provide more than just home packing services; we can efficiently organise your stuff after cleaning too. We ensure a hassle-free transition into your new environment, so feel free to call us.

Sydney House Packing And Removalists

As emphasised earlier, we provide more than just packing and moving. When you call Moves and More Sydney, you rest easy, knowing that professional packers handle your valuables. We provide stress-free, professional, and cost-effective house packing services.

*additional costs apply

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