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Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) requires that tenants clean up the house before vacating. When moving out, you need a professional cleaner to handle your bond and end-of-lease exit cleans. Moves & More offers the best bond back cleaning in Sydney to ensure you comply with RTA requirements. If you terminate your tenancy agreement, you can impress your landlord with our bond cleaning services and get your money back.

About Moves & More

With over ten years in the industry, it's safe to say that we are the bond cleaners you can rely on. Our team of experienced individuals are equipped to handle all your bond cleaning needs and guarantee that the job is to the highest standards.

We work seven days a week, and with the bond cleaning checklist, we will ensure we cover every area of your home you want us to. Our checklist for bond cleaning is approved by landlords all over Sydney, and if a spot is missed, we guarantee a 72-hour re-clean service.

Moves & More Bond Cleaning Procedure

• Schedule your appointment

Book your cleaning appointment on the site or by calling our service numbers. You can also request a call-back, and one of our representative bond cleaners in Sydney will contact you within the hour to get all the details of your upcoming clean-up

• Prepare your home for cleaning.

If you are moving out, empty your house of all your belongings and dispose of all you want; you can still hire our moving out services, and your home will be ready for our professional bond cleaners to come in. Removing your belongings is a crucial step to make sure the bond cleaners will access every space.

• Meeting the team

At this stage, you have a chance to meet the team that will handle your clean-up, and you can meet them before they begin the clean. You can trust them with special instructions, e.g., areas where you want immaculate attention to be paid. After this, the project will proceed and will only be complete upon ticking off all items on the checklist.

• Service Inspection

Moves & More employs qualified service inspectors who ensure that the bond cleaning services are done as per your expectations. You can always forward any complaint to them whenever they visit your site.

• Receive your deposit back

We realise how difficult it is to get your hard-earned cash. Therefore, we provide Sydney's best bond cleaning services to ensure you meet your landlord's specifications to ensure you get your full deposit back.

Why Should you Trust Moves & More Bond Back Cleaning in Sydney?

Our bond cleaning services are meant to satisfy the landlord as well as the tenant. We do not cut any corners, and our team will do any necessary cleaning to the specific requirements of both. Below are a list of the reasons why you should always choose us to serve you;

• A group of experienced professionals

Handling thousands of Bond cleaning requests in Sydney comes with its benefits. We have experience cleaning different surfaces, fixtures, and furnishings, so you can rest assured that we will not outsource your clean-up. Our team members are thoroughly trained, vetted, and come fully equipped with the required tools and cleaning solutions to clean your house. Frankly, there is no better team to trust with your project.

• Competitive pricing

We are reasonable about our charges, and most cleaning operations have standard prices. We understand that moving out is not the time to worry about invoices, so we will always make our premium services reasonable. We have verified cleaners, and unless specific equipment or skills are needed, you will always pay the same invoice as the quote.

• Time never Limits us.

Time is precious, so our team won't take up so much of your time. Our cleaning staff will not leave your property until everything is cleaned to your satisfaction. There is no rush, just time-acquired skills and the right tools at work.

• We only use specialised detergents.

Every surface that needs specific detergents will be treated like so. We use professionally trusted, ISO-certified detergents and pay special care to precious items and all fixings. For one, this guarantees that nothing is destroyed by using the wrong surface cleaner but helps us get the best results for your bond back cleaning in Sydney. You are also guaranteed your safety and that of your family since the detergents are non-toxic.

• A thorough cleaning of the entire property

We don't just wipe down visible surfaces and be done with it. We care about getting everything wiped down top to bottom, whether it is the bedrooms, toilet, bathrooms, kitchens, or degreasing your ovens and kitchen vents.

• Bond back cleaning with oven valeting

The oven is one of the most valuable items in the modern home and passing it onto the next tenant; we want to make sure you hand it to them just like you would want someone to do for you. Our oven valeting services come included in every bond cleaning package.

• Re-clean guarantee

We strive to get you your bond back, which means we settle at nothing but the best. If the landlord is unsatisfied with the first cleaning round, we will come back and re-clean. We pride ourselves in offering the top bond cleaning services, and we would want to guarantee you get just that.

• Key pick upon request

If you are not available to let us into the house, we will offer to pick up the key from you. Wherever you are in Sydney and its environments, we will physically collect and return the keys to you for your peace of mind.

Sydney's Best Bond Cleaning Options

Each home, surface, and material have a cleaning method that will work efficiently on it. We endeavour to enhance your end-of-lease cleaning with various options to clean the house. These include:

• Steam cleaning/hot water extraction

If you want the carpets cleaned and disinfected as part of your bond cleaning, make the request. Our team will deep clean the carpet with steam at a small fee to remove any odours and stains that would otherwise be tedious to remove. This works well for most clothe surfaces, including upholstery. Dirt makes carpets look aged when they are not. With professional equipment, we will restore them and give them a new lease of life.

• External window/wall cleaning

We will clean the exterior surface of your home. Our external window cleaning service is popular among Sydney property owners and is sure to get your bond back. Just ask for the service, and we will make the house look good on both sides.

• Wall spots cleaning

Some stains are washable and will come off when cleaned by an expert. This is a critical service since it can save you some dollars for the painter's bill.

Moves and More Sydney Bond Cleaning Checklist

Moving can be hectic, but bond back cleaning does not have to be. Choosing Moves & More bond cleaning in Sydney will remove worries of cleaning by covering the following key areas:

Fridge–We will go over your fridge to remove any dust, grime, mould, or food splatter in the refrigerator or its rubber door seals. We will also use antiseptic to disinfect it.

Freezer - We will clean your freezer's interior exterior and door handles.

Dishwasher - We will check for food deposits, clean its filters and soap dispenser when cleaning the dishwasher.

Washing machine - We will clean up the rubber seals, detergents drawer interior and exterior surfaces.

Microwave - We will clean the interior, exterior, rotation plate assembly, and handles.

Tumble dryer - Cleaning handles rubber seals and checks lint and dust filters.

Toaster - We will wipe any leftover crumbs oils, including the exterior and bottom surfaces.

Cupboards & Shelving - Moves & More will clean up the interiors and exteriors of all cabinets, drawers, and shelving.

Sink and garbage disposal - We will clean any debris and food particles left in the sink. This is done alongside cleaning the backsplash and grout.

Floors - We will clean all floor surfaces, and any that need polishing, like door handles, etc., will be polished.

However, this list is not exhaustive, and clients are at liberty to include/exclude anything they want. Likewise, the freezer and fridge need to be defrosted in the house preparation stage prior to cleaning.

When to Seek Professional Help

While bond cleaning will be a big chore for most people, we are happy to take it off your to-do list. At completely affordable prices and with your guidance, we will be pleased to offer you our bond cleaning expertise in Sydney. We have a comprehensive cleaning strategy to give a quality, satisfactory bond back cleaning here in Sydney.

If you are searching for the top bond back cleaning Sydney, you are at the right place. Your end of a tenancy is less hectic and more of a transition with us. We have a locally available team to serve Sydney and its suburbs. We follow a customer-centric approach, and if it means coming to you to get the keys, you can count on us.

We want to leave your property manager and proprietor satisfied, so you get what keeps you satisfied—your money.

Contact us today for more information and get a quote. It's that simple!

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