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It is undoubtedly worth knowing the major mistakes people make when moving furniture before you go ahead and move your furniture. It is also essential that you know how to avoid them. This knowledge can bring you a step closer to a stress-free furniture move. This post will help you by discussing the top five mistakes to avoid when moving furniture.

This furniture guide to moving discusses mistakes such as poor budgeting, inadequate planning, and other moving mistakes. This post also considers tips for moving house and why you should hire professional furniture removalists. Continue reading to find out more!

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Furniture

Moving furniture can be stressful, especially if they are heavy. You can certainly have an easier time if you avoid the following common moving mistakes.

Mistake One: Inadequate planning before packing and moving

There are usually so many things that you need to do regarding packing and moving. You wouldn't want to forget any of them.

Here are some top mistakes you wouldn't want to make:

  • It helps to start the entire process with an ultimate moving checklist. You can include all the tasks you have to perform in this checklist.
  • Do not underestimate the amount of packing materials or supplies (such as moving boxes, plastic wraps, and bubble wraps) you'll need.
  • Allocate enough time for packing. This will help you to reduce the stress of the move.
  • Do not stack several heavy items in a single box. You have to be organised and systematic when you pack boxes. Take the time to label boxes properly.
  • Do not wait till moving day to reserve parking space for loading and unloading. You may need to make parking arrangements and seek permission from local authorities.

Mistake Two: Poor budgeting

It is essential to emphasise the importance of good budgeting when moving furniture. You can use the following tips to ensure you factor in the most important budget items.

  • You may use a moving cost calculator to get a basic estimate of what a zip code move could cost.
  • Factor in costs for labour, truck rental, moving insurance (especially for fragile items), and speciality item fees.
  • Apart from planning for expenses related to the moving process, you may need to consider storage fees if you move certain items into self-storage units.

Mistake Three: Making a DIY furniture move

There is no problem with handling your entire move yourself, especially if you have the experience and tools. However, a furniture move may be more than you can handle by yourself if you underestimate the work involved.

Hiring professionals will help you ensure that the disassembly and movement of delicate furniture is safe and efficient. Moreover, professionals can often do a cost-effective and convenient job. This includes optimising available packing materials and freeing you up for a pleasant moving day experience.

Mistake Four: No check before hiring a removalist

It's not just about picking up your phone and asking for an estimate. Hiring an unlicensed moving company or one without insurance coverage can be a huge mistake.

You do not want to fall into the hands of scammers or unscrupulous movers.

As such, do not make the mistake of failing to check the reputation of your furniture removalist. This step includes checking customer reviews online and looking at their work history.

Mistake Five: Poor pre-booking planning

One of your early steps for moving furniture is to look for a furniture removalist company experienced in local or long-distance moving. There are many reasons to do this well ahead of time.

  • You will have the time to compare prices from various removal companies.
  • Likewise, you will also have the opportunity to take advantage of furniture backloading services (taking up empty spaces in moving trucks rather than booking an entire truck).
  • Another common mistake to avoid is to give them a guess of the number of your items. You will incur higher moving day costs if your estimate is too low.
  • Booking early also means you will avoid higher moving costs for urgent moves.
  • If you are also interested in cutting down on moving expenses, you will have the time to take care of tasks like packing and unpacking yourself.

Mistake Six: Failing to take proper furniture measurements

A common mistake during furniture moves is not confirming that the furniture will fit properly into the new place. To avoid this mistake, you can take the precaution of using a measuring tape to measure the dimensions of your furniture.

After that, you can compare your measurements with the dimensions of entranceways and hallways. Similarly, you may check the floor plan and design to see if your furniture will fit nicely in the new place.

Common Mistakes to Avoid on Moving Day

It's finally the D-day you have been waiting for – moving day. This is the day that you need to take the most care. Read on for some common mistakes to avoid for moving days.

  • Do not leave the task of disassembling furniture till moving day. You or your furniture removalist may lose little parts such as small screws.
  • Failing to pack a moving day kit can be a severe moving mistake. You may very well need essentials such as toiletries, change of clothes, and medicines.
  • Implement plans to keep your kids and pets out of the way on moving day. Hallways and entrance ways should be clear.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Move House

The moving process can undoubtedly be easier if you avoid making mistakes. This is true for both local and interstate moves.

Here are common mistakes to avoid when you move house:

  • A common mistake when moving house is failing to prepare and use a moving house checklist. Failing to make a budget goes hand in hand with this mistake.
  • It is best to hire certified removalists, especially if you do not have friends, family, or colleagues to help with house moves.
  • Do not leave it too late to take advantage of self-storage services. This is useful if you are not moving everything at once.
  • Avoid cutting corners. It pays to invest in packing materials for fragile items.

General Moving Tips

Here are other moving mistakes to avoid on your next move:

  • Do not forget to perform utility transfers, subscription changes, and change of addresses.
  • Decluttering and packing well before moving day can help you reduce moving costs.
  • Be sure that moving boxes are secure.
  • Hiring professional movers is a great help when it comes to moving heavy furniture.
  • It pays to get moving estimates from multiple removalists. This is one of the ways to get the best deal.
  • "Valuation Protection" isn't necessarily insurance but only a level of liability. It is advisable to take out extra third-party insurance for valuable items.
  • You may decide to get a separate "white glove service" for valuable jewellery, art pieces, and fragile items.
  • Some reasonable preparatory steps for an actual moving day include backing up your electronic data. You may even scan paper documents to the cloud.

Hire Professional Removalists to Move Furniture

It would be best to be more confident in planning your move after knowing the top five mistakes to avoid when moving furniture. After all, this post also covered how to avoid common mistakes, such as failing to do thorough checks before hiring moving companies.

You also read up on moving day tips and general moving tips. The best recommendation is to hire professional movers. Their high level of experience ensures they can professionally disassemble, move, and reassemble your furniture safely and efficiently.

When hiring professional movers, it's beneficial to communicate any specific requirements or concerns you may have regarding the moving process. Open communication can help ensure a smoother and more successful moving experience.

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