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Packing Your Breakables

Several issues might arise during packing personal items to be moved to another location. Perhaps the biggest challenge you are going to face is handling your breakables. Because such things are fragile, when adequate care is not taken, they can break. This is the reason you cannot leave things to chance when you want to move delicate items from one place to another.

An example could be the mirror that was passed down to you by your grandma, an ikebana vase your significant other bought for you, the irreplaceable heirloom you got for your birthday, or your favourite chinaware. Of course, you can't forget the collection of figurines you acquired from the local store you have grown attached to. The list is simply endless.

Even if you have never had the experience of packing fragile items, it is obvious enough that the task could be a daunting one. From the precious and breakable materials to the ordinary fragile ones that you need to move across the country, you just need to understand that these items require utmost care. But not to worry, there are excellentwill be provided in a short while that will help you even if you have the trickiest objects to move in your home.

Come Up With A Packing Plan

The first step towards packing your breakables involves formulating a good plan. Leaving this out of what needs to be done is the primary reason a lot of people find relocating a stressful exercise. Coming up with an elaborate inventory list is one of the best moving tips you can ever get when it comes to moving breakable items.

This will help you to determine what you should consider as vulnerable objects and the ones you need to get rid of. Using the monetary value of the items you want to move to classify them can also prove beneficial in the process of transitioning. If you are bothered about moving interstate safely, take photos of the expensive items first, check their conditions, and note down where you have packed them.

Every other thing may be stacked together. Moving efficiently to another location requires you to pack your delicate possessions properly.

Choose The Right Box Size

Regardless of why people want to move, there is always this unexplainable desire to want as much space as possible to cart away all our possessions. They think of big trucks, huge suitcases, big bags, oversized packages, and so on. They simply want it big! It isn’t clear whether this has to do with the urge to keep most of the stuff they are familiar with or just the fear of leaving things they may need later.

If you would like to have a stress-free move, remember that being rational is essential here. While getting moving boxes is a simple thing to do, many people drop the ball when it comes to choosing the right size boxes. The boxes need to meet the requirements of those unique dishes of yours that you are planning to move.

However, you need to make sure that the extra-large ones are avoided so that you will not be tempted to crowd in other stuff you could leave behind or have too much space around the objects that you pack into them. To keep the package safe, the ideal thing to do is to give a gap of five centimetres extra space on all the sides.

Use Dish Boxes For The Most Fragile Items

Your most delicate items need to have a safe journey to their new home just as the other belongings you have. Packing fragile items when relocating requires some special attention. Be careful and attentive while you pack for moving so that everything arrives in one piece.

There are many relocation mistakes you want to make sure you avoid. The biggest of such errors is using standard cardboard. Instead, use dish packs as they are designed to protect your breakables. They may come a little pricey, but one good thing you are going to discover is the fact that they are more durable and robust.

Leave, Give Out, Or Sell Items You No Longer Need

There are different packing tips on this subject, but the truth is, the bulk of the decision lies with you. However, going down this road all by yourself can be an overwhelming task too. This is the case where there is a lot of stuff in your house that you hardly use.

Your moving may just be the opportunity for you to get rid of the items you no longer need. Give out some of these items to the needy or sell them for extra cash.

Choose Suitable Packing Materials

Using the best packing material ensures that your fragile and breakable items are moved safely and securely to your new location. This is important because damage may occur if this step is ignored during transportation. For packing purposes, consider the following:

  • Small to medium cardboard boxes
  • You will need plenty of packing papers
  • While you cannot overlook the use of bubble wrap, always consider other eco-friendly alternatives
  • A high-quality tape

How To Pack Fragile Materials To Be Moved

You need to pack fragile items properly so that they get to their destination safely. The following are essential steps to be taken when packing fragile items:

  • Check carefully and confirm that the packing material is not damaged in any way before you start packing
  • Fortify all the corners of the packing material by securing it with tape. This prevents the packing material from softening due to a lack of structural support.
  • Packing papers are there for a reason, so use them till you are satisfied
  • Create different protective covers to shield your breakables
  • Packing your fragile items such as vases, glasses, and jars with materials like paper is necessary. When they are stuffed up, they gain more stability.
  • When packing, remember to place the heaviest items at the bottom of the box
  • Remember to leave adequate space for you to insert another cushion before closing your packed box

Know-How To Wrap Fragile Objects

Whichever packing material you choose, you need to wrap the entire item completely. You will want to make sure that your fragile items are not stacked too closely together. Also, ensure you do not leave too much space between the items. Provide enough material between the items to discourage movement during transit.

The wrapping part of the exercise may decide how well these fragile items are protected from damage. Using packing bubbles may be a costly alternative for packing fragile items, but it is the option that offers the best cushioning.

Handling Glass And Other Delicate Items

Glass objects are the most popular delicate items in most homes. They require you to handle them with care as you move. Below are simple tips for packing fragile items such as glasses.

  • All plates need to be stacked vertically and should be wrapped up individually in bubble wrap. A padding material should be placed between each item to ensure that nothing moves around. Use crumpled pieces of paper or any other alternative that is made of soft material.
  • Make sure you fill glasses with crumpled papers before you start with the wrapping. If the glasses are not too delicate, they may be stacked up in bundles.
  • Fine art, pictures, and painting need to be secured separately using a blanket and a plastic cover. Provide crumpled paper in between petite frames.
  • Place lamps in different boxes. The lampshade’s flat side should be placed down and protected with lots of padding. Use a plastic cover to protect the base.

Label Boxes Properly Before You Move

Instead of doing the heavy lifting all by yourself, you can hire those that will take the hard work off your hands. If you hire movers, you must have your belongings clearly marked and properly labelled. All moving boxes and cardboard boxes should be labelled with such words and phrases as "fragile," "glass," and "collectibles," "this side up," or "handle with care."

This will draw the attention of the handlers and ensure that they show extra care when handling them. You can keep the boxes of your fragile items when moving in one corner of the building and simply direct the moving company to them. With all the efficiency movers have, why not contact them for a quote.

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