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Based in Sydney, removalists with storage like Moves & More are committed to providing you with a stress-free moving service. Whether you want home removal, commercial moving, or furniture removal and storage services, Moves & More is your best choice for removals in Sydney and beyond.  

Whether your house or business is big or small, whether you need local or nationwide removalists, we are highly capable and eager to serve you. With your guidance, you rest assured of quality, satisfactory services.

For just over ten years we have successfully provided our customers with moving services. Our customers have thus become loyal to us, and we would like you to join them in sharing our success.

We Store, We Move, We Clean!

At Moves and More, our culture has been to;

  • Provide a variety of door-to-door moving services to our customers within the CBD and beyond.
  • Provide the best removalist and storage quotes compared to our competitors in Sydney. This enables our customers to move their homes or business or store their belongings both on time and budget without any worries. Our quotes are transparent, so our clients do not have to suffer from unintended binding contracts.
  • Employ professional, highly trained, qualified, and legally cleared team members to serve our customers with whatever service they need. Our staff members understand all your needs, and they will never leave your place until every area in the checklist has been handled.
  • Provide free boxes to facilitate easy packing of our customers` belongings. Our qualified team will help you with both packing and unpacking, so you do not have to go through the stress involved in the whole process.
  • Take public insurance cover for all our customers` belongings during the transit. Our team members are conscientious and cautious, however, should the assets suffer any damage or loss during transportation, we ensure that our customers are well compensated.
  • Provide tailored services with an understanding that each service may be distinct from the other. Our professional removalists have effective strategies to handle special situations, thus ensuring that all our clients are serviced as per their expectations.

Our professional removalists can handle completely anything. They exercise great care of your belongings before, during, and after the removal, ensuring that you have a smooth transition to your new site. Our trucks are in good condition, with effective tail lifts and ramps facilitating easy loading and offloading of your assets during transit.

We consider your belongings our own. Therefore, you are guaranteed their safety from the beginning of the process to the end. Consequently, you should always choose us to ensure that your belongings are moved stress-free, carefully, safely, and with the most sincere trust.

Our Sydney Storage Services

There could come a time in an individual's life when they might need to store their household items safely and securely. You may need to keep your belongings because your current house is too small to accommodate all your items. You could also need to store your belongings because you cannot move all of them to your new home at that time.

Similarly, you could be transferred to a new place to stay temporarily and need to leave all your assets in safe storage. Moves & More is here to facilitate safe and efficient storage of your belongings at entirely affordable costs. Our storage facilities can contain any amount of items, whether you plan to store with us for a short period or for the long term.

Our professionally trained staff members will bring our storage containers to your place and help you pack the belongings you need us to store. The containers are well serviced to ensure the safety of your belongings as we transport them to our premises. Once the end of the storage period commences, our staff members will bring back your goods to your premises safely and in good condition.

Budget-Friendly Moving Services

At Moves and More, we can do all these services mentioned above at an entirely cost-effective budget. Your items are unlikely to suffer damages or loss with us since we ensure less handling during storage. You should always choose Moves & More to store your belongings since;

  • Moves & More has a technologically up-to-date security system and human patrols, ensuring complete security of your belongings during storage.
  • We prioritise that your goods are stored in a container storage system that ensures their safety while in storage.
  • We further ensure that your assets are in good condition by exercising effective control of pests and rodents that may interfere with the goods. Similarly, your goods will be stored in an environment with good hygiene.
  • We also take an insurance cover for all your goods during their storage within our premises.

Move and store your belongings with us both at a favourable time and on a cost-effective budget. Contact us for more information.

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