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What does Moves & More do?

Moves & More is one of the best removal companies in Sydney. For over ten years, we have provided both moving and cleaning services within the CBD of Sydney. Qualified and cleared team members offer our services. We, therefore, pride ourselves in providing a wide range of quality satisfactory moving and cleaning services in Sydney

As a removal company in Sydney, we offer both move-out and move-in services to our esteemed clients. Similarly, Moves & More provides final move-out, bond, and end-of-lease cleaning services. Our services are top-notch, not to mention our affordable and favourable prices.

Moves & More provides both residential and commercial moving services. Whether you desire to move a few items like furniture or the entire home/office/business, Moves & More is your best service provider. We will handle both the packing and unpacking for you. Below is an overview of the services that Moves & More Movers in Sydney provide;

  • Professional Home Moving Services

If you are looking forward to moving out from your old site to a new place, we got you covered. Whether it is moving from your old home or an end-of-lease move-out, Moves & More will help you throughout the whole process. Nothing is big or small for us. It does not matter where your sites are located, and our trucks are capable of safely carrying your belongings for long distances.

  • Professional Business Moving Services

Moves & More employs corporate relocation experts who are experienced and fully trained. Our team members can create a perfectly tailored business moving strategy that enables you to run your business with limited distractions. Our employees clearly understand the requirements before, during, and after the commercial relocation. Your assets are entirely safe in our hands!

  • Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services include final move-out cleaning, end of the lease, bond back cleaning, and others. We use eco-friendly, ISO-Certified solutions and tools which are harmless to your cleaning areas. Our cleaning procedure includes a checklist, which ensures that all areas are covered.


Why Should you Trust Moves & More with Moving and Cleaning Services in Sydney?

  • Free Onsite Quoting

If you want to move in Sydney on time and budget, Moves & More is your best choice. We offer the best removalist quotes in Sydney to any customer within the CBD and beyond. Transparency is our core value when it comes to quotes. We offer our customers free onsite quotes consistent with what they need since different services attract different prices. Some of the factors that we put into consideration while calculating the costs include;

1. The distance between your current site and the new area of relocation.

2. The accessibility of both the move-out and move-in logistics?

3. Whether the customer requires any additional services.


  • Professional, Insured and Cleared Staff

We have a thoroughly trained and highly experienced team that expertly handles all your valuable assets and effectively cleans your sites. All our team members are insured and have undergone legal clearance, which authorises them to carry out Sydney's moving and cleaning services.  

The team exhibits excellent levels of professionalism, reliability, and flexibility while offering its services. Therefore, with our team at your service, you are guaranteed satisfactory quality services with minimal distractions.


  • Tailored Services

Unique situations require unique approaches. Moves & More have unique strategies for moving belongings or cleaning special items or surfaces. Whether your site is small or big or your belongings require special attention, we are ready to handle them with your guidance through our tailored service system.


  • Free Public Liability

All our customers are liability-free to the public in case of any interference during the moving process. We also use eco-friendly solutions in cleaning. However, should any effects occur to the neighbors, we take every liability for the impact. Our aim is not just your safety at the expense of your surroundings. We, therefore, understand that accidents occur and being human is to error; thus, we take every responsibility for negligent acts of our employees or their unknown mischiefs. 


  • Free Transit Insurance

To ensure the safety of your belongings during the home/commercials removals in Sydney, we have made it our responsibility to insure all your belongings during the moving process. If your belongings suffer any damages due to careless handling or negligence, we shall compensate you through our insurance policy. 


  • Free Boxes

We offer free boxes for packing to our esteemed customers. Our packages are solid and sizeable to contain your belongings during transit safely. You do not have to undergo the stress of packing by yourself. Our qualified team would help you out. We have also ensured that our trucks have ramps and tail lifts to ensure that loading and off-loading the boxes is not difficult. 

We also offer free wrappings for your mattresses and cushions. We know that these items require special handling due to their delicate nature.


  • Rewarding Loyal Customers

Here at Moves & More, we value and appreciate our loyal customers. Our loyal customers motivate us to work better and even provide more quality services. Therefore, since they are part of our success, we share with them our achievements by rewarding them. The rewards could range from considerable discounts to extra free services.

For more information concerning our moving and cleaning services, contact us through our service numbers or email.

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