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If you are contemplating moving out and cleaning your home very soon, you should be aware that it is a daunting task, especially if you are doing it yourself. Moving out entails a lot of planning and organisation, which most of us cannot do, thanks to our tight work schedule.

Planning and organising your furniture takes a substantial amount of time. Again, not everyone has the luxury to pack and organise all their belongings due to the various commitments elsewhere. Additionally, moving out requires a lot of physical effort. The strength to carry and load heavy boxes is not generously gifted to everyone.

You also risk sustaining severe injuries while carrying and loading furniture into the vehicle. Apart from getting injured, you can also damage your furniture while trying to hold them yourself. Due to inexperience in handling furniture, you may end up breaking some of your expensive antiques, costing you additional money to replace them.

That is why you will require the services of a professional removalist. Moves and More is here for you. At Moves and More, we are more than just professional house packers. We ensure that you have a smooth moving-out experience. Let's highlight some of the services that we offer.

We Are Moving Out Cleaners

Moving out may involve purging many household items; hence, there is always a big mess of garbage, mainly consisting of old unwanted stuff. That kind of mess is not profitable, especially when you want to sell the house, and may prove to be a health hazard to the incoming tenants. Sometimes, you may find your new home messy, maybe due to renovations, you suggested beforehand.

Probably you do not have the time to clean, or the house is just tremendous; you are even afraid of starting the job. Generally, cleaning is a tedious task. Leave the cleaning to Moves and More. Apart from helping you with moving, our employees are also cleaners; they are moving cleaners. These moving cleaners will handle your entire checklist of move-out cleaning requirements.

Our cleaners are well trained and skilled to clean your house efficiently, making it look spotless. They have their backgrounds checked to scare away potential criminals; so, you can rest easy knowing that your household items are secure with us. They are also insured and bonded. In addition, they are friendly and professional; they ensure that you are delighted with our services.

At Moves and More, we have strict environmental policies. Our employees use eco-friendly, biodegradable chemicals to ensure the safety of your environment and that of your family and pets. Furthermore, Moves and More provides all chemicals and solutions; thus, saving you money that you would have otherwise used to purchase the substances if you were cleaning yourself.

We are also mindful of the surfaces in your house; that is why we use a micro-fibre cloth that is gentle on the surfaces but effective when it comes to cleaning. Our employees wipe and scrub all the surfaces in the kitchen, living room, and bathroom; by the time the job is completed, your house will be pristine. Aside from regular house cleaning, we also provide end-of-lease cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, simple cleaning, and pressure cleaning.

Packing For Your Sydney Move

Packing can be taxing. It requires a copious amount of time to organise all your belongings into boxes. Sadly, not everyone has the time and luxury to organise and pack their items when they want to move out. Sometimes you are just occupied. Even if you have the time, packing can be dull. Just let Moves and More do the packing for you.

Don't worry about the security of your household goods; our workers are background checked to deter any possible case of theft. Moreover, our employees have vast experience in the removalist industry. They are trained and competent; hence they can efficiently pack your items in no time. Don't worry about your fragile goods. We provide special packing for your brittle fingerings, kitchenware, and antiques.

All your fragile items will arrive at your new house in one piece. The safety of your belongings is our priority; we are committed to maintaining the integrity of your expensive antiques. With Moves and More, your assets are protected. Besides, Moves and More provide all the essential packing materials; no need for countless trips to the local store. We help you save money as well as reduce the pressure of moving.

In contrast, buying the packing materials yourself may dent your pockets. Are you too busy to unpack? No cause for worry; Moves and more can also unpack your items. We save you the time and labour required for unpacking; you can adjust to your new environment stress-free.

Assemble and Disassemble Sydney Furniture

There is that enormous furniture that needs to be disassembled to be carried easily; you are probably wondering how you will manage the task. Moves and More have your back. At Moves and More, we have the requisite tools to disassemble your furniture; so, don't bother buying tools. Even better, our workers have the expertise required to dismantle and assemble furniture; rest assured your furniture will be in perfect condition once you settle in your new home.

Cleaners That Move Your NSW Home

There are several benefits of soliciting the services of moving cleaners, and there are even more significant benefits of calling up Sydney removalists Moves and More. The expertise and experience of our workers give us great confidence that you will be a satisfied customer by the time we leave your doorstep.

We have trucks of different sizes to suit the number of household goods to be moved.

Additionally, we have the necessary equipment to aid our employees in manoeuvring your furniture out of your house; the wellbeing of your furniture is our topmost priority. We offer more than moving out and cleaning services.

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