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Moving out of your former home is not an easy task. There is a lot of planning and activities to undertake. There is also the attention to detail that is vital. Moving out involves several tasks that must be done within a particular timeframe; these can be excruciatingly tiresome. Considering that you have a tight office schedule, moving can also be stressful if you do it yourself.

Moreover, the process of moving out of your former home into your new home can be time-consuming if you do it on your own. Additionally, most of the activities requiring moving out need specific skills, such as installing electric appliances; if you decide to do the job by yourself, you predispose yourself to severe injuries. Besides, you may choose to handle things yourself and eventually damage your property.

You may not be strong enough to carry your household stuff; hence you risk getting severe injuries. That is why you need to enlist the services of movers and packers in Sydney, like Moves and More. At Moves and more, we ensure that you have a stress-free and cost-effective moving experience. Let us look at some of the services offered by Moves and More.

Sydney Moving & Packing Done Right

Moving involves a lot of purging; hence you are likely to leave your old house in a mess, upsetting your landlord in the process. Or, when you arrive at your brand new home, you find it very dirty, thanks to the renovations you requested. Cleaning the place yourself may take a toll on your body and health.

Besides, cleaning can take time, which is not suitable for a busy person. That is why when you look for cheap movers and packers in Sydney, consider Moves and More as one of your choices. Moves and More are committed to providing superb cleaning services for you and your family. Our workers are adequately trained to clean and leave your new home looking sparkling clean.

Furthermore, Moves and More have the necessary chemicals and solutions to make your new home look pristine. We use chemicals and solutions that are eco-friendly and biodegradable to ensure a safe and chemical-free area for you, your children, and your animals.

Our workers use micro-fibre cloths that are gentle on your surfaces but effective, making your home look pristine and ready for settling. In addition, our workers are effective and competent, and they will leave your home looking spotless in record time.

We Make Your Move Easy

Packing is a tedious process. It also requires a significant amount of time and attention to detail, which you may lack both of, unfortunately. Also, packing may be expensive when you decide to do it yourself; you will have to purchase the packing materials at the local store. Also, you may lack the necessary skills to organise your household items.

You may possess fragile items such as antiques, fine china, and fingerings that require special packing.

Some of these packing materials are hard to find and are costly. That is why you should leave packing to the professionals. While looking for packers and movers in Sydney to handle your packing, choose Moves and More. We can come with our packing materials*, so you don't have to stress about sourcing your own. Also, the safety of your household goods is our priority.

We can organise bring unique packing materials* such as bubble wraps and custom crates that keep these items in good condition during transport for your fragile items, fingerings, antiques, and kitchenware. Your precious household goods reach your new home in one piece. Furthermore, our employees have their backgrounds checked, so you are assured that none of your items will be stolen.

We Can Unpack Your Sydney Boxes

Sometimes you don't have the time to unpack your thing thanks to your tight office schedule, or maybe you are out of the country. Moves and More are more than just removalists in Sydney. We efficiently unpack your goods and arrange them neatly in your new home.

As emphasised earlier, your goods are safe with us; our employees are insured and bonded, so you won't have to stress about the safety of your precious belongings.

Professional Sydney Movers For You

Moving out involves many activities; doing them yourself is a daunting task. As you look for cheap movers and packers in Sydney, kindly consider Moves and More; you will not regret it. We can relieve you of the unnecessary stress that involves relocating to your new home. You rest easy, knowing that professionals are now in charge.

When you are on a time crunch of moving to your new home, we've got you. Our trained workers quickly pack your belongings. Then, they promptly unpack your items and organise them efficiently, so you get to enjoy your new home sooner. Your items are safe with us; at Moves and More, we observe the highest standards of professionalism.

*additional costs apply

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