Sydney Move Out Apartment Cleaning

Moving out can be so frustrating and tiresome, in addition to the subsequent move-out cleaning that is often required. Why should you stress about it? Why not just leave it to a professional to help you out with all the cleaning? Moves & More provide move-out cleaning services in all regions of Sydney.

We have a culture of quality services at affordable prices, integrity, trust, and customer recognition. We have prided ourselves in offering satisfactory quality services to our clients who have become loyal to our business for over ten years.


With over ten years in the industry, it's safe to say that we are the bond cleaners you can rely on. Our team of experienced individuals are equipped to handle all your bond cleaning needs and guarantee that the job is to the highest standards.

We work seven days a week, and with the bond cleaning checklist, we will ensure we cover every area of your home you want us to. Our checklist for bond cleaning is approved by landlords all over Sydney, and if a spot is missed, we guarantee a 72-hour re-clean service.


There are probably several end-of-lease cleaners. But why should you go for a professional exit clean in Sydney? Why choose a rental cleaning home service like Moves & More? What makes Moves and More stand out amongst its competitors? Well, when compared to others in the industry, here are the reasons why you should always choose us to clean your apartment, home, or office.

• Favourable Prices

Are you looking for a moving-out cleaning service around your area but stressed and unsure about the costs and expenses? Well, you should look no further beyond Moves & More. We discuss with our clients the total budget for cleaning before our staff members begin. Our prices are favourable and affordable. Moreover, you can always contact us to get the exact fee structure before hiring us.

• Qualified and Reliable personnel

Moves & More has experienced staff who would help with all the cleaning services you need. Our team, who aim at client satisfaction, have over ten years of experience in cleaning services hence you are guaranteed quality workmanship.

• Professional, Insured and Trained Staff

All our labor personnel are insured and have a policy clearance that allows them to clean. They further indicate high levels of professionalism, reliability, and flexibility while offering their services. Our employees will be sure to handle everything in your checklist, saving you any inconveniences or interferences. We aim at providing quality services to your satisfaction, and all our staff members are always ready to assist you with any queries you may have.

• Health and Safety Assured

We care about our clients and their surroundings. Therefore, Moves & More uses solutions that are safe to the environment and easily decomposable. Additionally, all our cleaning procedures are eco-friendly, thus guaranteeing your safety and the safety of your family and neighbours.

• Tailored Removalist Services

Not all areas that require cleaning are similar. Moves & More recognises and understands that other sites may be unique thus require unique approaches. Therefore, we provide cleaning solutions that will help appropriately clean irregular surfaces or structures.

• Certified Moving And Cleaning Products

Moves & More only uses ISO Certified solutions in cleaning, which abide by the Health and Safety Regulations. This ensures the safety of our cleaning services and less harm to our clients. The products that our staff members use produce immediate effectiveness.

For example, we use fibre clothes that are gentle with the floors but offer the utmost significance in cleaning. No solutions that we use have harmful toxic chemicals; they will leave your home sparkling new and safe after cleaning. All our clients trust us and are always satisfied with our cleaning services.

Moves & More offers simple cleaning services such as vacate cleaning or exit cleaning. Similarly, we handle serious cleanings such as tenancy cleaning services, rental house cleaning, and bond cleaning services which require a detailed checklist. Our employees follow the checklist strictly, thus leaving no spot uncleaned.

Some of the move-out cleaning services that we provide include;

  • Regular home/house cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • End of lease cleaning services
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Spring cleaning
  • Casual cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning

Our organisation offers cleaning services to your bedroom, living rooms, or shared areas; we also provide extensive bathroom cleaning services. These services include cleaning the sink, vanity, and floors, scrubbing and sanitising the toilets and baths, and folding towels before organising everything.

Besides these significant services, Moves and More also offers extra services for extra but affordable prices. We provide additional services, including cleaning inside the cabinets, oven, fridge, interior windows, laundry, and drying services.


• Home Inspection

Our first step in move-out cleaning is to conduct surveillance of your place, be it home or office. The sole aim of the pre-visit is to understand what exactly you need. The pre-visit further enables us to determine the necessary tools and equipment to be used during cleaning. Our inspectors will record all the specifications to avoid errors and confusion, thus ensuring that we meet your expectations.

• Providing a Quote

Immediately after the pre-visit, we serve our clients with an entirely obligation-free quote. We understand the nature and requirements of contracts; therefore, we would not allow our clients to suffer the dangers of unintended contractual relationships. Thus, the quotes are not binding contracts; instead, they aim to provide the client with an overview of the cleaning budget.

• Safety and Security Measures

Should you accept our quote, we will let the client propose and inform our cleaning staff of the safety and security measures they would desire to be achieved. Similarly, our professional team would alert the client on safety and security measures before the cleaners start cleaning. This step is essential in ensuring your safety, the safety of your family, and your surroundings.

• Final Cleaning

After putting all the required safety and security measures in place, we will send our trained cleaners to your site to carry out the cleaning. Our professional staff would come with all the necessary tools and equipment. They will only leave after every area in the checklist has been cleaned.

• Service Inspection

Our main objective is to offer affordable quality services that meet all your expectations. We also value customer feedback and always ensure that we satisfy all our customers. To ensure that this goal is achieved, Moves & More has qualified independent inspectors for quality services. We will, therefore, send quality inspectors to your place after cleaning to ensure that the cleaning has been done as per the quality requirements. Should you have any complaints about quality, feel free to alert our quality inspectors to ensure that the necessary is done.


Moves & More services abide by all the legal requirements and Health and Safety Policies. Our professional staff members only aim at meeting all your expectations by providing adequate and satisfactory services.

Additionally, all our services and service procedures are eco-friendly, thus ensuring your family's safety and the safety of your surroundings. Why wouldn't you choose us? If you need expert removalists and move-out cleaning services in Sydney, we are your best bet!

Reach out to us to get more information concerning our move-out cleaning services or a quote. It is that simple and fast!

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