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Are you contemplating a move away from Sydney? You have probably already thought about the general cost of hiring a removalist. And by now, you will have realised that most movers in Sydney aren't cheap. It is important to note that moving by yourself may seem the most affordable option, but the experience is stressful. Moving requires a considerable amount of planning. Let's not forget how physically demanding the exercise can be; going on numerous trips to load your vehicle is tedious.

Additionally, moving out without the help of cheap movers is exasperating and time-consuming. Eventually, procuring the services of a removalist is the best choice. However, there remains the question of cost when choosing a moving company; most likely, you will be looking for budget movers. Well, look no further. Just call Moves and More.

At Moves and More, we are committed to providing an elite, tranquil moving experience at affordable rates. We are affordable movers who hold professionalism and customer satisfaction in high esteem. But first, before looking at the services offered by a removalist company, certain elements impact the cost of moving. As a customer, it is vital to consider these factors before booking that moving company. Let us look at the factors that affect the price of moving.

Any Move, Any Size, We Will Move It

You will always be asked about the size of the move whenever you are looking for moving estimates. The size of the move is essential since it influences other factors such as the truck's size and the number of labourers required for the job. The size of the relocation also helps the moving company determine how long the relocation will take. Specifically speaking, the more items you are moving, the higher the cost.

When you are contemplating an interstate move, the weight of the move is also a vital consideration. The heavier the household items, the higher the cost of moving; you must factor this in. However, this is by no means cause for concern as you can always get a free quote at the company website, where you will see the costs for various weights.

The size of your house is also crucial when you are looking at the size of the move. A bigger house implies more rooms and more household items; when the household items are many, more labour and a giant truck are required, hence a higher cost of moving. Now how does the above information help a customer?

Since you are aware that many household goods imply a costly move, it is crucial that you sort out all the unwanted goods and only remain with the items that you need. That way, you will decrease the bulk; thus, reducing your costs of removal.

We Have Moving Trucks In Every Size

The size of the truck needed for the move is pre-determined by the size of the move. A giant truck implies many household goods to be moved. Larger trucks also require more men to load them in good time. Additionally, a large truck takes more time to move from the old home to the new house; thus, more fuel is consumed on the way. A higher fuel consumption predicates higher costs of operation; therefore, a higher cost on the customer's part.

In contrast, a smaller truck requires less effort and fuel; thus, lower operational costs. At Moves and More, a 3.5-tonne truck would cost you around $45, while a 14-16 tonne truck would cost about $60. A 4.5-tonne truck would cost roughly $48, whereas 6-8, 10-12, 12-14 tonne trucks would cost you around $50, $53, $56, respectively. Keep in mind that all the costs mentioned above are exclusive of GST.

We Move Any Distance

The travelling distance from your former home to your new home also impacts heavily on the removalists price list. Remember that a timeframe has been allocated for your move, upon which a standard charge is placed. Any extra time spent on the road attracts additional costs. Also, the price of fuel in Sydney is an essential factor.

The further the distance to be covered, the higher the charge on the removalist price list. Therefore, the distance of the move is an integral part of the estimate calculations.

Apart from the distance, it is also vital to consider whether it is a local or interstate move.

Interstate moves attract higher removalist costs since the moving company must have the proper licensing while moving from one county to the next. The removalist company is also required to have the correct insurance cover. All these operational and licensing costs will trickle down to the customer.

We Do All Moving Services Required

There are instances where you would want more than just moving your items. Probably you will enjoy your stuff packed and unpacked for you, or your home cleaned. In the cases of extra services, you are required to pay more. With Moves and More, you must pay an additional fee for the packing and the unpacking. With regards to cleaning, we provide regular house cleaning, office cleaning, pressure cleaning, spring cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning.

We offer the above cleaning services at affordable rates. These cleaning services include dusting, wiping, and scrubbing all surfaces in the living room, kitchen and bathrooms. For an extra fee, we can also clean inside the fridge, oven, and cabinets as well as do laundry, wash, dry, and clean the interior windows. You can get an immediate estimate by contacting Moves and More.

Sydney's Professional Movers

The factors mentioned above are factors to consider when looking for a cheap removalist in Sydney. When looking for cheap movers, look for Moves and More. At Moves and More, we do more than just moving. We are committed to providing a relaxed moving experience at affordable rates customised to your needs.

Contact us today for more information and get a quote. It's that simple!

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