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Moves & More removals company started back in 2007. It was established as a father and son company committed to offering its services to the community in Australia at affordable prices.

Their main objective had always been to satisfy the community by providing their services at cost-effective prices, which other companies could not offer. As a result, the company grew immensely and earned itself loyal customers.

Our Promises to You

• Qualified Staff - We have highly trained and certified staff members who exercise high levels of professionalism while handling your belongings. They are well-versed in all the methods and procedures of packing, unpacking, loading, and offloading all your items with great care and caution.

• Efficient Trucks - Our trucks are well serviced on a weekly basis to ensure that they are in good condition. This ensures all your assets are transported safely throughout the transit as per the company's and your expectations.

• Tailored Services - No situation is new to us. For all the years that we have been in business, we have obtained experience to deal with any problem, no matter how problematic it may seem.

• Insurance - With us, all your belongings are covered by an insurance policy. Should your items suffer damage or losses, which are highly unlikely, the company ensures that you are well compensated. Our insurance further covers any public liability that may occur during the transit. Therefore, you are not obligated to pay any extra fees unless you need additional services.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Removalist Company

You have to put several factors into consideration before moving your home or business. Some of these factors are further essential when considering having your sites cleaned after moving out. The most crucial factor that everyone considers before moving out or cleaning your sites is the price.

You probably have to compare end-of-lease cleaning quotes from various companies before settling on the most favourable one when considering the budget.At Moves & More, we understand that moving your home or office could be a stressful and frustrating process. Similarly, so are the cleaning services required after moving out, especially if you are not financially well-off. Most removalist and cleaning companies in Sydney offer services at varying prices.

Therefore, the process of moving your home or business or having your place cleaned after moving out becomes even worse when you have to choose between the various removalist companies that, in turn, have different moving quotes. It is always better to choose a company with experienced and qualified professional movers or cleaners to handle all the services you need at entirely affordable prices.

This would mean that you have to compare the different mover's quotes, whether it be final moving quotes or end-of-lease cleaning quotes from various companies. However, here at Moves & More, we can help you by simplifying the tiresome comparisons for you. Moves & More provides a wide variety of removalist and cleaning services that are entirely consistent with your guidance, budget, and time.

Our primary mission is to supply you with the best removalist quotes in Sydney that would enable you to move with ease, in good time, and for the best prices. Therefore, if you are seeking to compare removalist quotes provided by the various removalist companies in Sydney, it would be best if you did not look beyond Moves & More.


Moves & More values excellent transparency when it comes to removalist and cleaning quotes. We understand the validity of contracts and the consequences of signing unintended binding agreements. We also understand that trust is essential in commercial dealings. Therefore, all our removals quotes are fixed and open to all our customers.

All our customers are also free to request and compare our quotes with that of other companies. We also offer free onsite quotes to our customers. That being said, we stand out as the Sydney removalist company with the best removalist quotes within the Sydney CBD and beyond.

How do You Get Our Quotes?

Getting our quotes is not difficult, just like it is to get our services. Our website is easily accessible to anyone. Further, we have updated modes of communication that anyone can use to reach us.

We value effective communication with all our clients. The moment you reach out to us, one of our customer care service agents will respond to you and ensure that you are well served.

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